The guys behind Tao and Beauty & Essex go retro at the Midtown Dream Hotel with old school games and booze to satisfy Ur weekends.

The Dream Hotel group is known for slightly surreal experiences and the third restaurant in their Midtown location is no exception. Created with the idea of a "retro adult playground," they've jam packed this space with plenty to do, see and enjoy. Part of the Tao Group, who have Vandal, Station Social and Beauty & Essex in their umbrella, this is a party space that begs for the pretty people to come out, Instagram accounts at the ready.

With a million different (and loud) patterns and dark wood panelling, this place kind of comes across like a 1970's rec room, except they've got plenty of booze to keep you buzzing all night long. Cast a long glance at their 5000-gallon tank filled with over 150 different kinds of fish, try your hand at skeeball, pinball, the collection of old school arcade games or get lucky on their two-lane bowling alley. 

Whilst they do have food, it's not really the highlight - mainly just serving as ballast to keep you going - but gather a group and reserve an area for boozing and you'll be fine. Sadly, only open on the weekends, they're available from 8 pm till late. 

Ideal For

Group outings where you can let your metaphorical hair down and get wild.