Danny Meyer at 28 Liberty

Soon you'll be able to experience Danny Meyer's fabulous hospitality served on the 60th floor in the Financial District

Danny Meyer has long been a serious mover and shaker within the New York dining scene and it appears that he's headed towards creating new trends yet again. Union Square Hospitality Group has partnered up with Fosun Property Holdings to bring a new sky high dining experience to the Financial District located on the 60th floor at 28 Liberty Street.

Featuring 360-degree views of the city, this new 38,000 sqft outlet aims to be a mixed space with private dining rooms, a ballroom and a big public restaurant where the views, as impressive as they will be, will hopefully be the "icing on the cake" as opposed to the main draw. Trying to break the mold where restaurants located in skyscrapers frequently rely on the view to draw in the customers, leaving the food and service as an overpriced afterthought, Meyer is looking forward to creating a space for all New Yorkers as a celebration of the city.

Fosun Property Holdings has put in a reported $30 million into the project and have projected the opening to be towards the end of the year.

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