Bone Kettle

Bone Kettle brings a new frontier of Southeast Asian dining to Old Town Pasadena, with a refined yet bold menu showcasing bone broths and small plates in a modern Java wooden villa inspired dining room.

This sleek restaurant capitalizes on the bone broth trend and offers flavorful food with a fine dining edge. Led by Chef Erwin Tjahyadi, the kitchen’s vibrant traditional East Java style shareable small plates are executed with French techniques and premium locally sourced ingredients.

Bone Kettle's signature recipe uses beef tendon, feet, knuckles and marrow plus onions, garlic, ginger and a secret mix of dried spices to create a labor-intensive broth that is slow-cooked for 36 hours. This extensive slow-cooking process results in a broth that is rich, complex and flavorful.

Served with Temoni ramen noodles and condiments of your choice, meat – including ox tail, brisket, thin prime beef filet, tendon, beef ribs, chicken breast or pork belly – is served on the side with a small portion of microgreens and edible flowers.

Although bone broth is the main attraction, the menu includes a variety of foods influenced by the cuisines from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Expect bold flavors, multilayered spices and a decent amount of heat.

Ideal For

A heartful bowl of broth

Favourite Table

At the bar

Signature Dishes

Bone Kettle’s bone broth is made using time-honored cooking techniques and fresh, ingredients reflective of Southeast Asian traditions, made by boiling beef in filtered water with onions, garlic, ginger and a specific to Bone Kettle mix of dried spices, for 36 hours. Choose Ur protein and indulge Urself in deep flavors.