A new Culver City restaurant from Chef Jordan Kahn that combines food and architecture.

Kahn, who previously rose to fame for his cooking at the now closed Red Medicine in Beverly Hills and last year opened Destroyer, describes his new culinary venture as a “gastronomical experiment seeking to disrupt the course of the modern restaurant.”

Known for his avant-garde approach to presentation, he layers flavors and components in hand-thrown ceramic dishes and bowls. At Vespertine he is creating an 18-course tasting menu at $250 per person, served in an intimate 22-seat dining room. The dining experience takes place in a two-story structure designed by world-renowned architect Eric Owen Moss. The Culver City destination is separated into four levels; there are no traditional walls, instead the building is wrapped by an architectural skin—a curtain of undulating steel and glass.

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The ultimate tasting menu experience.