Sugar Momma

The Financial District café Hole in the Wall now transforms into a dining and cocktail destination at night.

Sugar Momma comprises an intimate cocktail bar (capacity is just 40 people) lit up in red with a playful Australian sensibility.

The tone of the venue is cheeky, irreverent and playful. "This same concept falls over into our food and drink options to create an all inclusive experience for the senses. Stimulating smells backed up by amazing tastes through, Australian inspired, Asian fusion dishes and incredible visuals supported by the iconic era of 90's hip hop playing in the background to set the mood," explains the venue. 

Cafe Hole in the Wall’s executive chef Brent Hudson extends his Australian-style dishes to the evening. Small plates include crispy pork with soy caramel sauce, flat bread with a hummus cauliflower dip, and a shrimp and crab cracker with avocado puree as well as a truffle beef and ‘shroom burger with crispy bacon.

Mixologist Ryan Byrnes offers 11 signature cocktails, such as Momma’s Martini made with vodka, passionfruit, raspberries and proseccoas well as wine and beer.



Ideal For

Girl bosses

Signature Dishes

Oysters, shrimp & crab crackers, burrata with shaved melon and prosciutto, roll your own taco, or have a burger.

Signature Drinks

Try the signature cocktails: smoke’n with mezcal, grapefruit syrup, lime, hot sauce and soda; or the sweet n’ sour with whiskey, maple syrup, lemon and egg white