Gibson + Luce

After reopening restaurant Henry with chef J.J. Johnson, the LIFE hotel transforms its speakeasy Gibson + Luce into a new concept with a focus on craft cocktails.

Hidden away in the hotel's basement, Gibson + Luce has gone from a hub for LIFE Magazine editors to a speakeasy bar for those of U in the know. There are no more secret passwords and everyone is welcome - as long as U can find Ur way through the unassuming door in the Henry. (There is also a street entrance but who needs that when there's a much more surreptitious way to enter.)

Drinks come courtesy of beverage director Pam Wiznitzer and executed by bartender Luis Hernandez (Seamstress and The Eddy), with a creative cocktail menu that includes new takes on old classics. Try the Midori Sour, for instance, which is made with apple juice, matcha and lemon, or the MarTiny Service served with tinctures for U to try countless combinations. What's even cooler is that the drinks are designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating leftover ingredients from Henry’s kitchen to reduce waste such as celery leaves reimagined as ash in the Super Green cocktail.

 It's no secret anymore but U might want to keep this new hotspot under Ur hat. 

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Signature Drinks

The Midori Sour is made with apple juice, matcha and lemon