Sinner Restaurant

An all-day ecclesiastical restaurant serving up menus inspired by international street food, infused with North African and South American flavors.

Chef Adam Bentalha has designed an ethnic (or could be considered unorthodox) menu of 'tribal' food, fusing North African and South American cuisines, taking inspiration from street food culture and the simplicity of Peruvian and Brazilian dishes, such as Malaysian nasi lemak and crispy manioc balls with spicy huancaina cheese sauce from South America.

Bentalha joins from Evok’s Brach hotel, having previously worked at some of the world’s finest hotel restaurants, such as the Bar Vendôme brasserie at Hotel Ritz Paris and La Bauhinia at Shangri-la Hotel Paris. Patisserie chef Yann Brys - named the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France in 2011 - whisks diners to far-flung destinations with his exotic dessert creations. 

Tristan Auer-designed double-height restaurant (and hotel) blends the beauty and grandeur of religious buildings with the sensuality of religious art. An airy and buzzing lunch spot that transforms into a vibey, decent candlelit nighttime party hangout.  

Ideal For

Scandalous suppers, frivolous feasting

Favorite Room

Sinner’s bar showcases a menu of Latin-inspired concoctions accompanied by fusion finger food such as cold kemiah, cromeskis, ceviche, shish kebabs and tapioca vegetable sauce.