An inventive, hip izakaya evoking the flavours of Japan...

Taking a contemporary twist on the traditional Japanese izakaya style of informal dining and delivering authentic flavours of the east while respecting the traditions of the past. Temaki rolls and izakayas tapas are the focus of the menu by chefs Isaac Romero (Holiday Café) and Risa Ichimaru (Abri Soba) with dishes such as a toro katsu and coleslaw with wasabi, a wagyu yakiniku with soy egg yolk, a half blue lobster with yuzu and their signature Onii-San sandos with wagyu or tuna. The paired-back yet intimate place is decked out with bare stone walls and kitsch posters and decorations. Excellent cocktails, a well considered sake list and a hip vibe make this a brilliant all-rounder. 

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Inventive, hip cuisine