Blue Bao

The third restaurant of French entrepreneur Céline Chung offers dim sum and late-night cocktails in a blue decor inspired by ceramics.

Bleu Bao, her third restaurant owes its name and color palette to the pigment used for traditional porcelain - a very different design offering of her previous addresses - Petit Bao and Gros Bao. With its neo-nostalgic decor imagined by Paris-based studio Atelieramo, the two-level “bao, dim sum and cocktail bar” located in buzzy South Pigalle nods to Wong Kar Wai’s romantic drama “In the Mood for Love,” especially upstairs where diners can settle next to a bookcase filled with curio items or lounge on velvet days beds. 

Amandine Sepulcre-Huang, an alum of trendy Parisian eateries Gisou and Marie-Céleste, heads the kitchen, focusing on dim sum and popular home cooking recipes like a vegetable clay pot, as well as must-try items from its sister restaurants like hong shao eggplant and broth-filled Shanghainese xiao long bao dumplings. Served alongside cocktails each starring an ingredient connected to a specific Chinese region, from classic choices like litchi and ginger to more unusual ones including osmanthus flowers or black garlic. Open daily. 


Ideal For

Dim sum & late-night cocktails.

Signature Dishes

Steamed Siu Mai with pork and prawns, shiitake, water chestnuts, ginger; signature baos - veggie or pork and - the xiao long baos garnished with stuffing and broth, served with signature sautéed noodles; spicy mussels with a Thai basil sauce and the braised free-range pork Dongpo served with bok choi.

Signature Drinks

The Ginger, an adaptation of the Moscow Mule made with Calvados, and the Sichuan Pepper Negroni style.